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Supplying Y Brush Sueding Machine, Textile Finishing Machine, Ultrasoft Brush Sueding Machine, Textile Shearing Machine, Textile Sewing Machinery, Textile Finishing Machine etc.

About Us

Holding rich industrial experience, we, Comtex Engg. (BOM) Pvt. Ltd., have become a trustworthy place to buy a huge variety of industrial machines. Our creations include Textile Rapid Washing and Milling Machine, Ultrasoft Brush Sueding Machine, Textile Conventional Sizing Machine, Textile Sewing Machinery and Textile Finishing Machine etc. We have a group of certified engineers who assists our company to deliver an outstanding range of machines and exceed the expectations of buyers. Our company has successfully expanded its business not only in India but in other countries as well. As a supplier & service provider, we have always received positive reviews from our customers. The excellent feedback given by our patrons is boosting our energy to perform excellently. Furthermore, we conduct our commercial operations systematically in a planned way which in turn is helping us in making clients happy. Under any circumstance, the aspect of quality is never given a cold shoulder at our production house; this constitutes a major factor behind our rapid growth.

Transportation Facilities

We, apart from having dedicated experts, possess skilled logistic experts for making prompt delivery of textile machines. The vehicles our experts use for transportation of a large variety of machines are installed with GPS devices. This helps us in keeping a track of orders. With the help of smart devices, we keep our clients updated about the current location of their orders. Our logistic personnel take extreme care of all the products while transportation and ensure deliveries are made in a safe manner without causing any damage to machines.

What Makes Us the Best?

Here are some highlights which make us the best destination for the customers to have business deals:

  • We follow a patron-focused approach for conducting business operations and implementing policies that are beneficial not only for our entity but clients as well.
  • All our products including Textile Rapid Washing and Milling Machine, Textile Conventional Sizing Machine, etc., are superior in quality.
  • The rates associated with our creations are reasonable, thereby, forming a key reason behind our popularity.
  • We welcome the feedback of our esteemed customers and implement necessary measures to eliminate the drawback.

Latest Trade Offers
Our company is the leading organisation involved in manufacturing and supplying of Winding Machine Condenser Bushings in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. A..
601, Sangeeta Building, 23, Tagore Road, Santacruz West,Mumbai - 400054, Maharashtra, India
Phone :+918068098415
Trust Stamp
Product Showcase
Mr. Dhaval Gandhi (Director)
Mobile :+919821064210
Mr. V K Naidu (Sales Manager)
Mobile :+919323961965
Comtex's Land Line No. :+91-22-26058381, 26058382
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